Vehicle access

Park and walk 15 min (without snow) and 30 min (with snow)


Shops at walking distance

Walk down to your car and drive 10 minutes to get to the nearest village, Faverges


Heat producing electrical appliances (they're energy eaters)

Leave raclette machines, hair dryers, electric heaters, etc. at home


Never-ending showers

Take shorter showers to preserve water from the natural spring


Garbage disposal

Bring your own food, no problem. If you do so carry the non compostable garbage down


The rat race of the city



Nature all around

Enjoy being isolated lost in the beauty of the Alps


Local and/or organic food & drinks

Cook for yourself or chose an all inclusive meal with local wine/beer


Practical and powerful solar panels

Power your appliances and order raclette from our menu with traditional table top barbecues


Hot showers and filtered spring drinking water

Drink tasty spring water filtered with ceramic/charcoal elements


A Zero Waste solution

Enjoy our zero waste food baskets and meals. We offer a composting station for the organic waste


The serenity of nature